Hey girly pops! If you’re reading this, that means you’re viewing my first ever STYLE post! You already know I am freaking out! As a new blogger, this is huge for me. I’ve enjoyed every second of working on this site, I’ve received so much great feedback, and am happy to introduce this feed!

It’s spring time, finally! Welcome warm weather, flowers blooming, and rain! Something that I’ve been raving about lately are handbags. I’ve featured many of them in my WWUs (weekly wrap ups). There are almost too many cute ones this season to keep up with that I get anxiety when I start shopping online. NOT TO MENTION… most of my favorite bloggers feature handbags that are way out of my price range. Like I don’t just have 400 dollars lying around… are you kidding me? I mean… I’m a financially-stable, hard-working young lady who takes pride in her purses but DAMN! That is why I’m really glad to share some of my favorite handbags that are not only trending this season, but won’t throw off your budget! So you can save now and still splurge during spring vacations.

Last Sunday, I met up with some coworkers at Lost Forty Brewing downtown for a quick cheese dip and draft. I also got to debut my new handbag (featured above) for the spring that I recently bought for JUST 15 DOLLARS at one of my work’s sample sales! Check out more of Dillard’s exclusive brand, Gianni Bini, here! Working for a major retail company has its perks. Also, starting today is our EXTRA employee discount so I’m very excited to peruse more of the season’s best bags.

Somebody help me.

Anyway friends, I present my top 7 handbags of the season:

1. Gaia’s Ark ⇒ I’ve seen this style on just about every blogger’s Instagram out there! This is a Cult Gaia classic. There are so many colors on their website so it’s worth checking out. [Btw, it’s also sold here.] I first spotted the Steve Madden version scrolling through Instagram. Now, Steve’s version is SOLD OUT and you have to pre-order to get it by May. Eh, seems like a long time away but it’s only 68 dollars versus the true Guia that can cost up to 190. Trust me though when I say I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled- and pre-ordering is so, so tempting.

2. Thompson Street Sam ⇒ There’s nothing remotely out there that could ever replace my favorite brand of purses and that is Kate Spade. I bought a similar style to this a couple years back for 75% off and I never see myself getting tired of it. I tote it around from spring all the way to late summer because mine is a bright peach-y color and super vibrant! You can carry it like a satchel or like a handbag so if wantsomething versatile, then look no further. I highly recommend that you invest in at least one good handbag because you will absolutely adore it and love showing it off! Classics like Kate Spade never go out of style.

3. Canteen Cross-Body Bag ⇒ White is SO in this season! Just take a look at all the websites and you will see for yourself. There are other styles like this one on Dillard’s dot com but this one I love the most because it’s a cross body.

4. BHARBOR ⇒ So close to buying this. Another cross body but with more of a beach-y vibe. (30 dollar version, here!) Stylists are going crazy because now there is no waiting for the summer to sport a straw handbag. Many of the bloggers I stalk are taking this handbag on vacay to places like Mexico and Australia. One word: universal. Keeps me daydreaming of warm, sandy beaches and ice-cold piña coladas!

5. Floral Print Tote ⇒ I’m very excited to brag that I found this gem online at TJ! I just didn’t have the heart to leave floral out of the picture when one of the best trademarks of spring style is flowers. At only $40, this handbag is a steal! Is anybody else ready to stow away their fall/winter tote. Gotta make room for the spring/summer ones!!

6. Fiona Tote ⇒ Reader Recommends: I featured this one tote in particular because it was recommended by my sister who is the assistant buyer for handbags down at the Dillard’s distribution center in Fort Worth. This fossil tote is freaking adorable and it even features a tassel detail on the side. She gets to visit Fossil frequently. So jelly!

7. Straw and Faux Leather Handbag ⇒ For a bit, this went OUT OF STOCK so I’d hurry up and order one! ONLY 25 DOLLARS, Y’ALL! F21 always pulls through. Except I’d take slightly extra care if you go their route. As hinted in number 4, straw is a huge hit this season. Or basically any woven texture. Stock up now before they’re sold out again! In cream or pink, this is a straw beauty!

Tell me what you think about my top picks of handbags for the spring! Do you have one that you’re just raving about? Leave a comment. AND HAPPY FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING!