Hey everyone and welcome to the first Product of the Month – a series where I introduce and review a single beauty product I used throughout the month prior! These are products that I literally can’t get my hands off. Before I introduce the first of the first, a little backstory…

I made this blog to focus on fashion and personal style, but because I want to be kick-ass at all things, not just style, I’m slowing dipping my feet into the beauty pool. I’ve been using makeup (not well, I might add) for about 13 years so, I wouldn’t say beauty and/or beauty products is a concept that is new to me. Recently though, I’ve re-discovered all the fun things about beauty. I starting watching makeup tutorials and browsing Ulta every single day. I’m going [to try] to post around the end of each month a new beauty product that I can’t stop using because of how great it is. I’m always up for trying new products and trying everything at least once. I hope that this becomes a resource for some of you out there – whether you’re new or old to makeup – to use when you’re wanting to try something new too.

Let’s do this! =D

August 2018’s Product of the Month:

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Freshly applied Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita’

I got this lipstick for free in my Cruel Summer Ladybox last month and I was really excited to try it! This was the first product I’ve ever used from Kat Von D but it made a super good first impression! If you’ve never used Kat Von D, her vegan-free stance should be reason in itself. If not, that’s okay but I’m tellin’ ya… let this be your first KVD product!!! I promise, you will love it! The first thing to note about this lipstick is that I loved it the second I started it applying it. It goes on perfectly smooth and dries fast. It was love at first glide. It went it on very lightweight when I used the proper amount and felt lightweight the longer I wore it. Like for real, I would forget that I was wearing it on my lips. That means it’s perfect for when I’m headed to the office or for just everyday wear.

The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is a matte lipstick which I freaking love! I had been hunting and hunting for the perfect matte lipstick for about 2 months and I couldn’t commit to anything! I finally received this in ‘Lolita’ and I’m ecstatic that I finally get to be done searching. The color of it is what I love the most. There’s nothing I hate more than wearing a bold lip to the office and having to stress about it all day, so I usually avoid that altogether. Lolita isn’t too bold at all but it gives my lips the perfect touch of color against my fair skin tone. It even makes my teeth look whiter. Plus, I feel like I’ll wear this well into the fall season. I just think it’s even more of a bonus how versatile it is.

Finally, I did find that I had to reapply after eating because it looked a little worn around the corners of my mouth. Not a problem, but if it matters to you then I’d definitely take that into consideration.

How I apply:
I’ll always moisturize before applying a lipstick because my lips are constantly dry. Then I line my lips with Wet n Wild’s Gel Lip Liner in ‘Bare To Comment’ (this liner needs a whole post itself – love). Lastly I take the tube of lipstick, wipe away the excess in the same manner I would for nail polish, and apply. I blot away any excess if I see build-up around the edges of my mouth.

Good for everyday
Easy to apply
Teeth look whiter
Variety of shades
Cute packaging

May need to be reapplied
Slightly drying

Thanks guys so much for getting through my very first product review with me! Honestly, I loved making this post because it made me even more excited to keep using Everlasting. I’m definitely buying this product again when I run out. I’m thinking of going with Bow N Arrow so If you have it, tell me what you think!!!

And tell me what you think about today’s post. Was it helpful? Are you interested in this product? How can I improve? Let me know via comment or email!

Thanks loves & see you next time!