Happy Friday! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorites pieces for Fall because in case you’re unaware… TOMORROW IS THE OFFICIAL START OF THE SEASON!

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I couldn’t believe that yesterday it was almost 100 degrees… Arkansas, get out of here with that! 60 degree weather, WYA?! The pieces above are just some that I cannot stop obsessing over. [Links below.] I thought about including some chunky sneakers I find cute, but I don’t know if I can truly get on board with that trend yet. Idk!! What do you guys think of them? At the least, I hope I can give you some inspo for an autumn-appropriate wardrobe. Don’t forget while you’re out to shopping to grab other fall essentials such as tights, hand-warmers, and your all-time favorite fall-scented candle! This one is HALF-OFF right now!

I hope you all have a great weekend! What are some of your favorites this season?

Waffle Henley  ◊  ‘Caramello’ Nail Polish  ◊  Oversized Scarf
Checkered Mini  ◊  Aaden Booties  ◊  Striped Boxy Sweater
Teddy Jacket  ◊  Corduroy Dress  ◊  ‘Chianti’ Liquid Lipstick