Hey everyone! I’m glad you’re here today! I hope you’re a fan of animal print! (VEGANS: no animals were harmed in the making of this post) Snakeskin booties and cheetah print skirts are everywhere! Have you noticed? I feel like animal print is popping off this season! I’m seeing it so much on Instagram and in stores! I wanted to share with you this outfit I wore last weekend in Dallas! I was there with my sister and a close friend for a live podcast showing with the Ladygang! I’ve talked about them so much on this blog that it’s probably annoying by now. Their show was so much fun and all-in-all, it really added to a fantastic weekend! Special shout out to my best girl, Ayla, for letting us stay at her apartment.

So while in Dallas, we got to do a couple of things. I can never sit still when it comes to the big city! After the Ladyhang, we met up with friends at Moxie’s in Uptown. Seriously, beautiful restaurant and excellent service! I got the fish tacos and two grapefruit vodka sodas (classy, you know what I’m sayin’).  After we were feeling fuzzy and full, we walked a block to an interactive art museum called Psychedelic Robot. It’s really good place to stock up on cool photos for the ‘gram, but I believe it’s a little pricey for what you get. $35 gets you in the door., and that’s it. But, look how cool these pictures turned out!!!

Anyways, back to my ‘fit. My sister and I were at H&M the week before and I found this cute little item for less than $13! The thing with H&M is that it pleases your wardrobe AND your wallet. All the outfit deets are below! Happy summer shopping!!





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