Hey GUYS …and maybe some gals! Valentine’s Day 2020 is quickly approaching and you’re probably here because you’re in the market for a gift. Now whether this gift is for your wife, your girlfriend, the cutie that doesn’t know you exist (heh jk), or yourself, these are all cute, easy, and highly-rated gift ideas for her! If you’re looking to buy something from my Valentine’s Day gift guide for girls, I think each of these gift ideas are special for their own reason. You will find links to all the products below the gift guide collage. I really hope you like them all and sincerely wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day this year.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:

1. Rose quartz facial roller

Show her love with this adorable, rose-colored quartz roller. She will love that you thought about her and her self-care regimen while you were picking out her Valentine’s Day gift. My face roller is the first thing I grab in the morning and it is the best way start the day!

2. Floral blouse

This floral, super-girly blouse is from one of my favorite boutiques where I’m from. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day date night or the spring-time which won’t be too far around the corner by the time you’re reading this.

3. Velvet liquid lipstick in “Boy Bye”

If she’s into cosmetics, I think a gift by Kylie Cosmetics is a great one. And don’t worry! These liquid lipsticks aren’t that expensive so you don’t even have to break the bank to give her something high-quality! Pucker up!

4. Couples game

When I saw this on Amazon, I just had to share! I think this is such a fun idea and it’s unlike any of the other gifts. No, it’s not a bouquet or roses or anything like that, but this couples game is not only a gift for her, but a gift for you your couple friends. It sounded like so much fun… I might have to get it myself.

5. Francis Ford Coppola red blend

Tried and true. If she likes red, get this unique scarlet label red blend from Francis Coppola! It was inspired by the character Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. I just think that is so romantic and sexy!

6. The Collection rosé

No way I wasn’t going to include pink wine in this Valentine’s Day gift guide! Rosé is an even sweeter gift than the Coppola. She’s probably already picked up a bottle if she makes frequent trips to Target. And on that note, she’s a keeper!

7. Color block statement earrings

These arch earrings are totally in style right now. Show her that you pay attention with these stunning statement earrings from Positive Statement Co. — another cute boutique in the great state of Arkansas!

8. Heart-shaped waffle maker

I mean c’moooon!! A heart-shaped waffle maker is perfect for Saturday’s breakfasts at home or in bed! And it’s mini, which means it won’t take up too much space in the kitchen! Hurry before the pink ones are all sold out!

9. Desserts cookbook

All the sweets, all the time! This cookbook is another beautiful addition to her kitchen and makes for another great gift idea for her anytime. Baking is a great way for couples to spend time with each other this Valentine’s Day.

10. Mini beauty blenders

Your woman is somewhere needing new beauty blenders right this second but hates the hassle of buying them herself. She goes through so many but can’t live without them! These ones from Real Techniques are so cute, colorful, and the right size to apply her everyday concealer.

11. Target doormat

I can’t resist this adorable doormat from Target! It’s not like the plain ones from Wal-mart that everybody buys. This doormat is such a good gift for Valentine’s Day and hopefully will yield actual results from guests!

If you found this post to be helpful, please like, comment, and share to your socials. It would really help me out! What is your favorite item on my gift guide? Which one (girls) are you most likely to buy for yourself? Do you pay attention to gift guides? Should I post more? Please let me know in the comments so I can continue to create content that you would like to see. I’m excited that Valentine’s Day 2020 happens to fall on a Friday this year. Perhaps Matt and I will get out of the house to do something fun! Anyway, thank you for stopping by today and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

And ladies, be sure to visit back within the next week to see my post on easy gift ideas for HIM!