Happy Friday! I’m back…

from NYC. This was such a great trip! I am overwhelmed by all the great memories I made with my sister. There is just too much to share in a single post. ICYMI, I’ve uploaded the first two days of my trip onto my Instagram highlights so it’s there under Wanderlust. I’m going to have to force myself to upload the rest this weekend because there is a ton! So check it out! I don’t want you guys to miss it.

And if you have any suggestions on how I should do a full recap of my trip, LMK. Or if I should do a full recap at all. Or should I stick to just highlighting? Or would you like to see something more useful to you guys in case you’re planning on vacationing soon? Just LMK:)

Before we get to the links, Kate Spade’s suicide. Like most women out there, I was wrecked by this news. When I first heard about it, it hadn’t even been 24 hours since I was passing her store on Madison Avenue and admiring the beauty and class shining from within. Kate Spade was truly one of my favorite designers and even though she hadn’t technically owned a single share of the company since 2007, her legacy still remained in the branding and in each uniquely beautiful product. Mental health isn’t a joke. It’s good that for the past few years now, the media has been shedding more and more light on the subject because it should have never been something we ignored. Discussing could save millions of lives. If you are struggling with depression or sadness or you just don’t know what you’re dealing with, then talk to somebody. If you don’t know of anybody you can trust, then go to a professional. That is their job.

Now on to this week’s links:

“People always ask me, ‘Where do you find inspiration?’ and I think it’s a difficult question to answer because – everywhere.” – Kate Spade to InStyle

You know I looooooove supporting the bloggers who inspire me every single day to become a better blogger and lifestyle extraordinaire. Check out this perfect summer tote that Jessica designed in partnership with White Elephant Designs. I’m so impressed. La vie en rose. Life in pink!

Save 40% on this peplum top! Stripes + ruffles + floral, oh my!

I saw these backpacks LIT-ER-ALL-Y at every block in Manhattan. Which is kind of hysterical because my sister who is a handbag buyer sells them and started tallying each Kanken sighting. I guess the trend hasn’t made its way down here yet because I was totally clueless as to what they even were lol. What do you think- to buy or not to buy? And if the answer is to buy, which freaking color?!?!

Rose gold pool slides!!! I think I feature at least one rose gold thing every single week. Whatever… can’t stop, won’t stop.

I’m surprised that I haven’t mentioned them yet, but I become more and more obsessed with the girls over at The Ladygang every time I tune into their podcast. They dish out some of the best damn stuff and have me lol’ing until I’m crying… seriously. I think they are the best Trinity in Hollywood. You can listen to them every Tuesday and Thursday on Spotify, iTunes, and Podcast One.

More lady stuff: the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is happening. I just know you needed the reminder!

Holy shit… I was in Gwen’s shoes less than a month ago. Although I often seek out several of the practices she discusses on a weekly basis, this post hit home. I hope it inspires you too.

For real, I must have this dress.

On the note of dresses. Do you ever see something, instantly become attracted to it, then suddenly you see it everywhere? I saw a young lady in DFW International wearing a dress with bright, bold stripes and then all of sudden it was like I couldn’t escape them. I saw one in Central Park, the subway, and then on Madison Avenue. Found one here. 30% off y’all!

And lastly, I couldn’t pay my respects to Kate if I didn’t include some of my most favorite handbags this season. It’s been quite a hot minute since my last purchase so I’m bound to be due for another one soon. One, two, three, and four!