Hey everybody! I hope you had a great week and are excited that it’s finally Friday. This is my first Weekly Wrap Up EVER, but keep a look out every Friday for a new post where I use the time to debrief from the past week’s happenings, prepare for the upcoming weekend and work week, and share with you some of my favorite finds from the internet.

Work was tough this week. I mean, tougher than it usually is. I was dealing with a new matter at work and had to ask for lots of help from my mentor- which sometimes feels embarrassing. I’m ready to feel independent at my job but it’s not that easy. I keep thinking that if I was a mentor myself, I would probably fail miserably. But, I’m going to stop being so hard on myself. I’m still just a newb, but I could give myself a lot more credit than I actually give. I’ve certainly learned a great amount about working at a corporate office and [almost] completely adapted to the environment. Anyway… for this upcoming week I’ll try to ask more questions but feel less guilty about it. Although it may seem ridiculous to feel guilty about not knowing something, the feels are REAL. Does anybody else get bashful when it comes to a new job? Or does anybody have any tips for getting over that?

So, without further ado… Let’s check out what I’ve been clicking on this week!

These have been at the top of my wish-list for a long time.

Cheaper pair here for all my bargain-shoppers! Haha saaaaaaaaaaaame.

My fellow Arkansans, it was my first time visiting this restaurant last weekend and I am speechless! Will be going back for more soon!

Found this cute gem scrolling through my tumblr feed. It would be so cute in the summer.

Freaking love all of these recipes from one of my favorite bloggers!

New obsession for tweed so you can bet your bottom dollar I’ve already checked out with this shirt.

Great checklist for this month! I’ve recently discovered Evelyn Henson and I’ve already saved every one of these!

Am so regretting not ordering these booties when they were on sale last week!

I recently got a new laptop for work and had to reinstall this Chrome extension which reminded me how much I adore it. Purr-fect for all you cat-lovers!

Did this yoga sequence this past week! Great for beginners!

If you want to understand crypto-currency, I recommend this documentary on Netflix.

Ordered this end-table for my future apartment and I’m so excited!!!

Well, I guess I should get this pillow too now…

Hi, cute work pants!!! I’m itching to to get them in each pattern

Somebody try this recipe and tell me how it is!

Make sure to comment and let me know what you think of this week’s wrap up. Remember, come back next Friday for Part 2 of Weekly Wrap Ups! I might have even more awesome things to share with you guys! Enjoy your much-deserved weekend!