Hello! Welcome back to another episode of THINGS TO DO IN LITTLE ROCK – Christmas edition! This past Saturday, I got to visit the Christmas Market at Heifer Village in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. In today’s post, I’ll be giving you my fullest rundown of the event and I’ll talk all about my own experience at the Christmas Market. Before I get started, you may be wondering about my outfit. If you’re interested in those details, visit here! Otherwise sit back, relax, grab yourself a cup of mulled wine or peppermint hot chocolate and join me!

So, about a month ago I saw one of those holiday bucket lists and one of the items on the list said “visit a Christmas market.” You know what I’m talking about, right? Well this weekend, I had the pleasure of crossing that off my list with my boyfriend, Matt. Heifer Village and Urban Farm is a three-acre garden and center located on the campus of Heifer International in downtown Little Rock! Growing up in Little Rock, I’d always heard a lot of amazing things about the organization. If you are unfamiliar with their mission, you can visit their website. Over the weekend, Heifer hosted a Christmas Market where they had live music and several vendors selling holiday items, food and more. It was an outdoor market and went from 4-9pm. I am going to break it down for you by the things I loved about this local event in order to promote not only Christmas markets but markets of all kinds. Little Rock sure has a lot. It feels like you can visit one practically every weekend. You just gotta know where to look 😉 If you are interested in learning about this one, just keep scrolling!

One of the best things about this holiday event in Little Rock is that parking and admission is free!!! As my boyfriend and I walked up, we were kindly greeted at the entrance by some volunteers. The venue was decorated like a winter wonderland sans snow, but as a cold-natured person, I am okay this lol. Downtown Little Rock was about 40 degrees so we made sure to layer up. Heifer also provided other alternatives to keeping warm, but more on that later! Just like the other markets in the area, Heifer’s Christmas Market was full of local artisans and vendors selling holiday gifts, store merchandise, original artwork, hand-made decorations, pottery, knick-knacks, jewelry, clothes, sweet treats, food, and seasonal drinks. Some vendors were even giving away free samples. We tried hot apple cider and tea from The Green Corner Store, homemade dark chocolate syrup from Cocoa Belle Chocolates, and sweet and spicy glazed pecans from the Arkansas Arts Center. If you want to grab something more substantial, a variety of fresh and famous specialty items from local restaurants are for sale as well, like German sausages and sweet or savory crepes.

As mentioned above, the event is free so if you want to come just to get out and soak up the holiday spirit then by all means do that! Shopping local, however, is a great way to give back to the community and support Little Rock’s economy. If you visit the Heifer Christmas Market, then get some holiday shopping done while you’re out there. There were so many unique gifts for sale at every booth and all of the vendors were so lovely and informative. In addition to the booths, there was a four-woman orchestra performing Christmas songs on stage. Matt and I grabbed an adult bevvy and watched them play for a few of minutes. A little fun fact… I tried mulled wine for the very first time. If you’re looking for a way to stay warm, well this is one of them. Mulled wine is so oddly satisfying. It’s spiced red wine served HOT! I didn’t like it at first but once my taste buds warmed up to it, it wasn’t so bad. Between a 7 dollar beer and a 7 dollar mulled wine, which would you choose at a Christmas market? I take the mulled wine! 😀

Lastly, Heifer thoughtfully provided standing heaters, tables, and seats around fireplaces for shoppers to rest and warm back up. Oh… and I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention the goats! There were BABY GOATS, y’all! I don’t know where they came from but they were sooooooooooooooo freaking adorable! If you don’t like baby animals, then you’re getting coal for Christmas.

All in all, my evening at the Heifer Village and Urban Farm Christmas Market was fantastic. They provided so many things that made getting out of the house worthwhile. This event is fun for the whole family. If you see this event or any like it in the new year, then I recommend going. Take yourself, your friends, your family, your dog, I don’t care! Just get yourself out there! You won’t regret it. You might even take home more than just tangible items.

If you liked this post please like, comment, and share. Tell me some things on your holiday bucket list. Some more of mine include making old-fashioneds, visiting family in Northwest Arkansas, and driving around to see the Christmas lights. If Heifer were to host this event again, would you go? Let me know what you think. Thank for visiting today and I hope you have a happy holiday! xoxo