Oh, why hello!!! Happy Fall, y’all! Today, I am “harvesting” something special for you local readers. If you’re a non-local, then maybe you’ll just enjoy reading about one of the coolest events that Little Rock has to offer during the fall. That is Harvest Fest! This was my first time EVER to go to Harvest Fest. Harvest Fest is a one-day event that happens in the historic Hillcrest district A.K.A. my favorite neighborhood in Little Rock. It’s the neighborhood where I grew up and went to school for 18 years …so YEAH, I’ve spent a lot of time on these streets. It is a surprise that I have never made it to a single Harvest Fest in all of my 25 years.

Though it was my first, it certainly won’t be my last time at HF. To put it shortly: it was a freaking blast! It was supposedly a favorite tradition among the locals and thanks to this past weekend, I can certainly claim it as my own fav. Today I’ll be defining the who, what, when, where, and WHY of Harvest Fest and also sharing the things that really caught my eye at the 2019 Harvest Fest.

Who is Harvest Fest?

Harvest Fest is brought to Little Rock by the Hillcrest Merchants Association and its annual sponsors, which usually vary year to year. But Harvest Fest is not just the people who put it on every year. Harvest Fest is its amazing vendors and visitors combined! While there this past weekend, I tried to chat up as many vendors and locals as humanly possible to get a variety of opinions on the local fest. For one local artist, it was her first time setting up a booth at Harvest Fest. She was absolutely amazed at the turn out and she expressed what a positive impact the community-wide event would have not just on her business but for all Little Rock’s small businesses as well. So Harvest Fest isn’t just the sponsors, but the community behind them.

What is Harvest Fest?

I’m so glad you asked! As I mentioned above, Harvest Fest is Little Rock, Arkansas’s one-day street festival event that happens every year. Its main focus is to bring family, friends, and strangers from all across Arkansas together for fun, food, and celebratory good-times to commemorate the fall season. Every year, there is a wide selection of activities, food, drinks, games, art, music, and DOGS for the whole family! It is a family-friendly event which means you can bring kids!

When is Harvest Fest?

Harvest Fest 2019 occurred on October 12th. Next year’s date has not been posted yet. You may click the banner or visit here for more information on the event but as for next year’s date I do not know that yet. I know I know, the anticipation is killing me too 🙁

Where is Harvest Fest?

Harvest Fest happens on Kavanaugh Boulevard in the Hillcrest Historic District in Little Rock! Hillcrest is one of the most beautiful, safest, and hippest neighborhoods of Little Rock. Take it from me! I grew up in a cute little house just a few blocks over from Kavanaugh and I’ve lived in Little Rock most of my life. If you do not visit Little Rock around the time of Harvest Fest, you still must visit! Hillcrest itself provides great, decently-priced places to eat in Little Rock. All of my following recommendations are open all-year round so whether you’re here for the festival or here another time, you can find something to enjoy.

Why Harvest Fest?

Many reasons actually! There is something for everybody! Sunrise yoga, the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market, kid festivities, a baggo tournament, live music, and a DOG SHOW y’all! And that is just to name a few. If you’re down for some shopping, one of the biggest aspects of Harvest Fest is its street vendors. Some of my favorite and most memorable booths include the following. I highly suggest you check them out!
Lisa Krannichfeld
Liz and Addie
Honey Belles of Mount St. Mary Academy (Had to support my high school)
The Farmstead Soap Company
Arkie Style

If you’re down for some grub, I definitely suggest finding a restaurant along Kavanaugh with patio seating like The Pantry Crest, La Terraza Rum & Lounge, or The Fountain so you can enjoy the nice weather and still catch most of the excitement. These will be packed, which is a great sign, but you will get seated fairly quickly! Not to mention the diversity of food trucks scattered throughout. Just grab your order to go and eat it along the way. I got to try Slader’s Dumpling Company for lunch for the first time and OMG, you better hit them up! Later for a mid-afternoon snack, a few friends of mine and I sat down at the Pantry Crest for a couple of beers, pomme frites, and their specialty cheese board!

Cheese board from The Pantry Crest

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the drink situation! There are a few $5 beer and wine tents set up. I obviously had to check those out as soon as I arrived. Many of our local breweries were also selling their seasonal specialties under tents all in a row. And y’all… La Terraza was a fiesta! They were slinging hot empanadas and fresh mojitos like it was their last day on earth… AND Cinco de Mayo. They get the Miss Rock City Award for most lit! For sure!

I hope this post has told you something about Little Rock’s Harvest Fest. I had a great time catching up with friends, meeting new people, talking with the locals, trying new food, and soaking up the fun. Thank you to the Hillcrest Merchants Association and all the wonderful sponsors of Harvest Fest. This post was not sponsored but without either of them, it wouldn’t have even been possible. And thank YOU, my wonderful reader for letting me harp on and on about what a great event Harvest Fest is. If you liked this post, be sure to let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so we can be friends! I’ll see you next time at Harvest Fest!