Hey y’all, welcome back to the blog! If you’re reading this, then I hope that you are stoked for another issue of Weekend Recap – my weekend in the Rock! This post is coming at ya a little late, but whatever right? If you missed my first-ever Weekend Recap post and want to learn more about things I do around Little Rock, then click here! This weekend in the Rock was special for many reasons, but mostly because my sister came to town and I got a three-day weekend. If you follow me on insta then you probably saw my stories. If not, keep reading to find out what we did around Little Rock.

All COVID-19 aside, many good things are happening around central Arkansas right now. Places are slowing opening back up, as permitted by Governor Asa Hutchinson. Restaurants, stores, and coffee shops are welcoming back guests… safely. And there’s a new DRIVE-IN theater in town!!! Locals, have you heard about this? The Metroplex is presenting outdoor movies for as long as concerts are postponed. For free! Or so it appears.

Anyway, let’s recap!


I took myself out for lunch and tried Soulfish Cafe for the very first time. Soulfish Cafe is located on Main street in downtown Little Rock. I have fried catfish almost every Friday (it’s one of my favorite foods)! My two favorite places to get fried catfish are Eat My Catfish and the bistro at my office. Isn’t it wild I’ve never tried Soulfish? I was “influenced” to try them out. For $13, I got 2 fried catfish fillets, a side of sweet potato fries, a side of coleslaw, and three hushpuppies! The catfish was the juiciest, tenderest I’ve ever tried and the tartar sauce had a bit of a kick to it. Let me know if you check them out.


Saturday, my sister and I were finally reunited. She came over to my house and we ordered dinner from Three Fold. I love supporting this local female-owned business. They are the best dumplings in town! We both got the large pork dumplings with spicy sauce and a side of carrot slaw! I like to top my dumplings with it 🙂


There were some change of plans on Sunday. Originally, I planned to have a “sister” date at Two Rivers Park with my sister and our friends but changed our plans last minute partially due to looming weather circumstances, partially due to laziness. Instead, we got coffees from Nexus and walked all over the River Market. My barista-friend Caleb made my usual (an iced oat milk latte)! With coffee in non-manicured hand, we drifted from Nexus all the way past the Clinton Presidential Library. Somehow the rain held up, but with every step we took I was skeptical. For the most part it was sunny, but dark clouds seemed to keep swirling off in the distance. Arkansas weather is so bipolar!

Later that evening, steak dinner with the fam.


I took off work to go shoot content with my best friend Ellyn (@ellynevelyn). My favorite spots to shoot are downtown and Hillcrest. They are two of the best places to explore in Little Rock so finding insta-worthy spots is not hard at all! Speaking of content, I posted a brand new STYLE blog post this week! So go check that out if you missed it. I was so excited to finally post it.

After we were done, I met up with my sister again and we picked up Big Orange for dinner at my dad’s. Big Orange has the BEST specialty burgers in town! Their milkshakes are also extremely extravagant. We split the Spicy Pimento Cheeseburger and an order of their truffle fries.

My three-day weekend ended on a very high note when we decided to go through all of our childhood artwork from our elementary school days. We found lots of interesting pieces to say the least, but my favorite was a self-portrait I painted in the 4th grade. For your entertainment, I’m just going to leave it here.

Things I Bought:

Didn’t buy these, but my sister generously gave me some new shoes!!! Perks of having a shoe buyer in the family. Love you sis! And love my new shoes!

Didn’t buy these either but they’re worth mentioning. I tried two new beers this weekend: The Rahr & Sons Brewing Company “Paleta de Mango” and “Adios Pantalones.” I’ve been to the Rahr & Sons brewery in Fort Worth once back in 2015 for their 11th anniversary party. Now I feel like I have a connection to this beer. The mango one has a bit of a kick near the end if you can believe it.

Thank you so much for visiting my post today. If you made it this far, could you please do me a favor and comment “beer emoji” on my latest Instagram post. What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting happening around Arkansas I should know about? Hope you all have a great day!