It’s finally Friday!

Phew… what a week! Scratch that, what a couple of weeks it has been! I was so busy last week that I felt like I was running at 100mph with no rest stops. I didn’t have time to make a wrap-up for you guys, which I know some of you really look forward to. I get a lot of positive feedback on them. Last week, my car’s air conditioning was broken! Have you guys checked the thermostat lately? It’s nearly in the triple-digits these days! I was very peeved that after owning my car for a little over a year that its AC would suddenly stop working. On top of that, I got sick, I had to shuttle my dad to and from appointments, kept up with my regular Zen schedule, focused on cooking homemade meals (or trying to), went on an outing with my team from work, went to a graduation lunch with the director of operations for IT and CIO of Dillard’s, toured a couple apartments, ran some errands for a baby shower, a doctor’s appointment, worked out some more… HOLY SH*T GUYS! I don’t think I’ve been this busy since college. I’ve forgotten what it felt like.

Anyway, I’M BACK! And good news… I FOUND AN APARTMENT! I’ll be moving in next month and I couldn’t be more excited! More deets to come on that…

But how about a little pit and peak to update you on a few things about what’s been going on:

Pit // As always, I’m gonna start with the low and work my way up. Lately, I’ve been feeling very under-qualified for this blogging ish. I get a lot of positive feedback, and I mean a lot everyday! But the bloggers who I follow are just SO good at what they do and I know I will never be the creative and classy boss-ladies they are. I don’t want to stop though. So I’m making this a public and written declaration that I need to work harder. I’ll save the motivational speech for another day.

Peak // This week I graduated from the training program at my job! I’ve probably mentioned it a million times and it’s a little confusing for some. A year ago, I accepted a full-time position in Information Technology at Dillard’s. Fresh out of college, I was placed in the training program which is a year-long program where you spend a fourth of that time in a classroom setting working toward’s a common project with other trainees, and the other portion of time actually working on your assigned team. Whatever! Anyway, I graduated!

In other news…

I made a Twitter! I now have two. My OG account will now just be used as a personal account, and this one will be the official Twitter of my brand, Miss Rock City. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. 😉

Sunday will end week 3 of the Summer Sweat Bingo Challenge at Zen A.K.A. the halfway mark, and I gotta say I definitely see slight differences in my body. My stomach seems flatter, my arms seem stronger, and even my butt seems to be gaining muscle mass. I’ve lost about 6 pounds since joining the studio! Read here how you can start your own fitness journey!

I featured this a while back on a WWU and then last week on my Instagram account, but I’ve really been digging these vitamins that I’ve gotten from Care/Of. If you don’t know who they are, then ask me! The link takes you to the homepage where you can fill out a quick assessment and get the right vitamins for you and your body! You’ll get $40 (THAT’S 40 DOLLARS OF FREE MONEY) for using my promo-code. Just ask! And if you have any questions, you can always shoot me a message or email! xoxo Elizabeth

Now onto what I’ve been clicking on the past [two] week[s]:

Have you heard of a Fab Four Smoothie? There are soooo many, they all sound delicious, and they’re just perfect for after a workout.

Summer ain’t over yet, guys! These shorts are peachy-keen, quite literally!

I found out that Jennifer, who features a series called Wall Charades has a guide for Miami’s wall murals which I’ll be visiting this coming March. Hope the boyfriend doesn’t mind picture-taking!

This white denim jacket is less than $40!

5 Ways to Refresh After a Hard Week. I feel like I need this, but like two times over!

Rosewater Hacks! I’m surprised… rosewater goes a longer way than I ever thought! Use when hungover… like whattttt? This bottle came in my Cruel Summer Ladybox and I’m was excited enough to try it as simply a toner but now I’m even more excited now to get more uses out of it.

Couldn’t include this in my Nordstrom Favorites post because obvs they’re over $60, but these boots for the fall! Less than $80 though!

Free People’s summer sale event is going on and I can’t decide whether I need to order these rattan sandals or not! I love them in the grey/pink.

Also, I’ve decided this Lilly dress is just perfect for the upcoming season. Toss on over black tights or thick knee-high socks and boots for work or play!

Très chic tee! Just. My. Style!

Give me all the stripes! 

How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas!

The absolute BEST printed top for summer!