Happy Friday once again!

Yes, happy Friday indeed my lovelies. What’s new, guys? How was your week? Sorry if you hate small talk, but like what’s going on in your life? I have a snappy update for you guys…

So I had my heart broken earlier this week. Not to be dramatic, but I cannot go on. I broke up with my DREAM apartment unit on Monday. I came to this could’ve-been-should’ve-been obvious realization that the apartments were so far out of my budget. But yeah, that’s the reality. I don’t even know what I was thinking when I applied to lease. I was blinded by just about everything it had to offer. The building was built in the 1930s so there was that historic value that I’m just crazy about. It was comprised of 10 units, so the small community feel was another bonus. And the location! Wow! Unbeatable. Everything was perfect in my opinion except for the rent. Deal-breaker!

So I’ve just decided that I’m moving on to bigger and better things. I don’t know if this means that I’m done searching or I’m going to search smarter. Who knows?! There are more important things that I want to put my money towards right now so I’m focusing on that!

This is a reminder for anybody in the same boat. Summer is here. A new season represents fresh starts. Jump back on that budget if you’re worrying about money. If you’re eyeing something that you think might drive your budget off the rails, then step back for a second. I was in LUST over this apartment. I wanted the aesthetic, the roominess, the white walls, hardwood floors, and big bedroom windows. But in the beginning I set my budget, and this apartment just didn’t comply. If it’s really meant to be and somehow I find away to make a surplus of income by the end of 2018, then I splurge. But for now, nahh!

Onto the links. Check out what I’ve been checking out this week:

These wavy slides! So fun- for everyday and everywhere!

Pineapple earrings! Ugh who needs a budget, right?

I have been interested in taking vitamins and supplements for over a year now but I’m kind of clueless as to what my body needs and I lack the knowledge to know what vitamin does what. I found a business that will assess your wants and needs and recommend certain daily supplements made from the best ingredients based on your goals, lifestyle, and values! The assessment took me 5 minutes to do AND you can look up all of their different products. They list you all the ingredients and real-life research done on the effects. I ordered my first box on Wednesday so I also got a promo code! I thought I’d share, you can click here to get $40 off your first order and use my code EHV9WD. I’ll also get $10 off of my next month. I’ll tell you guys what I think. Btw, this is not-sponsored. I just found it HIGHLY interesting.

While NYC is certainly trending on my page, check out the most Instagrammable cafés in the city.

I keep finding awesome discounts. Here’s another to-die-for blazer on sale for 40% off.

My newest read. Just FYI.

OMG, I think these earrings are super cute!

Donna from Our Heiday blogged her thoughts on mental health. Her excerpt had more so to do with postpartum depression, but that’s just one of the many ways our brains go run amok due to a chemical imbalance. It’s so common. Makes me want to forward to all my new mommy friends!

ON THE SAME NOTE: Our Heiday’s line of sympathy cards (really all of their cards – you should check them out) is adorable. I saw many of them at a store that we found in New York City, but more on that later. If you have a friend struggling, even if you don’t, send him or her all of the love. Here’s my personal fave!

Keds and Rifle Paper Co. produced these slip-on beauties. Must. Have. Now.

Zara’s semi-annual sale is nowwww! Have fun!

Black & white gingham dress. Can go with LIT-ER-ALLY anything!

25 dollar shorts… in every color that you need. Thank me later! (Even cheaper, here.)

That’s all folks.
Don’t forget: be on the look out for part 2 of my New York City trip. I’ll probably post on my Instagram too. ICYMI, here’s part 1!