It’s Friday at last!

I’m keeping links reallllllllllll short this week. Just real eager to get out and enjoy this sunny weekend! Who’s with me?

How was this week for you? Mine seemed okay. I ran some errands here and there, and I put off even more. The usual. I splurged for the first time in a long time on a couple things that I’ve been eyeing for weeks so I’m in a great mood. #TreatYoSelf. (I’ll include in the links below.)

Also, kept busy this week by catching up on The Psychopath Test and putting together the last bit of my NYC trip! Part two will be live MONDAY, people. So come back then to check it out! Sad to say there probably won’t be any more travel-caps (travel-recaps) (did I just make up a word?) for a long time because I only have enough vacation left to last me during the holidays. That means no travel plans anytime soon…. 🙁 Sighhhh.

Wednesday night, I did something way out of my comfort zone. I attended a baking class sponsored by Cinnalightful… where we learned how to make MACARONS. I feel like a changed woman. No, I’m kidding. But it really was a helpful class and I even received a certificate for mastering the art that the instructor signed herself. I’ll probably make a lone post about the experience and even include both methods for baking them so that you too can try it out. DID YOU KNOW THERE IS MORE THAN METHOD? Stay tuned for that…

Anyway, you guys know what time it is:

Tons of cute things marked down at Anthro for their Summer Tag Sale.

The Summer Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Life.

In LOVE with this gingham high-waisted bikini set.

Bought my first pair of Bauble Bar earrings this week!

Also, bought a new mug. Sold out now, but I thought I’d still share. Jac Vanek, seriously you are my idol!

I’m obsessed with these midi-length dresses (here and here and this one for less than $100) all over the internet right now. I see many bloggers wear them too so I think i’ll have to invest very very soon. They’re perfect for the summertime!

While on the subject of dresses, I found this one cute too!

Found these on sale for 50% off. Grab two of your besties and get festive for this year’s Independence Day! 😛

And lastly, is it really a weekly wrap-up without a link to slides? Probs not. At least not until summer’s over.

Enjoy your weekend babes!