Hey everybody! Glad to see ya again!

You’re probably here because you’re wanting some bomb-a** nails for the upcoming holiday season! For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been rocking probably my most complimented nails of the year! I’d love to share with you guys this cute and trendy nail color that impressed not just me, but literally everybody else (coworkers, friends, my boyfriend, even the nail artists themselves)! I kid you not…

Here are some of the points I’m covering in today’s post:

  • my favorite nail polish of the season
  • what I asked for at the nail salon (also, reactions from the nail artists)
  • some more of my favorite colors this season, and next
  • Local alert: my favorite nail salons in Central Arkansas and links to their Facebook pages

My Favorite Nail Polish This Season

‘Caramello’ by KL Polish! I featured this polish in my fall favorites post and I’m still just as obsessed with it now as I was back then, and I’ve had them on for close to a few weeks! The formula was amazing for the price! It hasn’t chipped or worn off! I don’t tend to buy nail polish all that often but I’m glad I did for this one. When I saw it, I had to have it! The color goes with literally everything I wear for the fall season anyway so I know for certain I’ll use it more than once.

What To Ask For At The Salon

Before the appointment: I called the salon in advance because I knew for sure that I was bringing my own polish and I wasn’t sure if that would work for them. Don’t be shy! Most salons will indeed let you BYOP!

At the appointment: I asked the nail artist to trim down my real nail and add acrylic tips (fake nails). The length and shape of the nail is totally up to you but I asked for almond. I usually go with square for a more grown-up, office look, but again it’s just up to you! He then applied three coats of a clear powder dip. Be sure to check with the salon if they have this. If yes, then leave the rest up to them!

So here’s how I know that it will impress anyone! I was chatting it up just great with the nail artist and telling him what I was up to that weekend. As he started to apply the polish he asked me where I got it to which I told him. He admitted he had never seen the color before, and you guys can agree he probably looks at hundreds of colors a week!!! It was near closing time so as the other nail artists were headed out, Caramello caught their attention as well! I showed them the bottle and they told me that it was such a gorgeous and unique color especially for the season! They too had never seen a color like it. Isn’t that kind of funny? Trust. This color will stop anyone in their tracks. How do I know? Because it literally happened to me.

Other Nail Polish Colors To Buy This Season

I decided to include plenty more favorites to finish out the rest of the year! Tell me which ones you like and share some of your own seasonal favorites! Oh… ALSO, I have a new feature on the blog so every product in this collage IS clickable! Try it out! Names of the polish are below! 

From top left to bottom right: Raisin’ The Bar, 1435, Stockholm Syndrome, Hunger, Taupeless Beach, and Night Porter

Raisin' The Bar 1435 Stockholm Syndrome Hunger Taupeless Beach Night Porter

For The Locals: My Favorite Nail Salons Around Central Arkansas

In case you don’t know where to go or if you want to go someplace new, here are some places around Central Arkansas that I find great, most of which I’ve been to multiple times!
Best Nails Salon & Spa, Chenal
Ethereal Spa, the Heights
Famous Nails, Conway
City Nails, Benton (ask for Jane)