Hey everybody! I’m Elizabeth AKA Miss Rock City. Welcome back to the blog! Today’s blog post is a bit different. Today I’m recapping my entire weekend in the Rock. I did a lot of fun things (a little bit of shopping, a little bit of Netflixing) that I wanted to share for readers who are interested in doing more in Little Rock. I used to have a series called Weekly Wrap-ups where I would wrap up my entire week into a post, share anything exciting I’ve done recently, and dish links to everything I was into that week like clothes, sales, articles, recipes, music, local events, even books, and more! I loved making those weekly posts and I think a lot of readers enjoyed them as well. I wanted to do something similar for site visitors who want to know what I’m up to around Little Rock and maybe get some ideas on what to do around here. So, I’m introducing “Weekend Recap.” Not only will I share what I did over the weekend, but I’ll share cool places to go, places to eat, places to drink, things that I bought, stores to go to, what I wore, anything under the sun. I don’t know and I do know all at the same time.

Let’s recap!


My weekend starts around 5 pm every Friday when I get home from my work and I slip into some sweats and my fuzzy cheetah-print slippers. In college, I would always take a nap on Fridays after my shift at Dairy Queen so I would have energy to shut down the local dive bar that night. Times have changed, honey! I’ve matured (somewhat). I no longer take naps (mostly). Now, Friday evenings start with chores or working out. Since the gyms are closed and so is my favorite fitness studio, chores it is. Anybody else do chores on a Friday night? I tackled a pile of dishes in the sink then cracked open a well-deserved bottle of Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc and started shopping the E. Leigh’s sale.

I have not made the official announcement on my blog yet, but I’m one of E. Leigh’s newest brand ambassadors!!! I’m collaborating with E. Leigh’s Boutique to bring you more stylish content and give you a discount! If you haven’t yet, you should definitely support E. Leigh’s and support Miss Rock City by using my discount code ELIZABETH10 for some $$$ off any order. See everything I ordered below under “Things I Bought This Weekend.”

Later that night, I ate some dinner and logged on to Houseparty for some girl talk and game time with my sister and our friend Colleen. This was much-needed because we haven’t all seen each other in a long time. The app was fun and the games remind me of JackBox. If you’re still bored in the house and in the house bored, then totally download Houseparty and alert your masses. Tell me what you guys think.


Saturday morning I made my favorite breakfast to have in quarantine: a meat, egg, and cheese toaster! I wanted a full guilt-free day of relaxation in bed so I started the new Netflix series Hollywood. This is your friendly neighborhood Gleek speaking! I am a Ryan Murphy STAN! Watch it if you want to get a very interesting and controversial peak into Hollywood post World War II era. I watched about half of season 1 before getting up long enough to wash my hair and put on human clothes for a celebration.

Saturday was my roommate’s graduation day from grad school. Since coronavirus, of course she didn’t actually get a graduation ceremony so we decided to celebrate rona-style. We popped open a bottle of champagne and had baggo set up on our back porch. I put frozen strawberries in my champagne flute. You have to try it!


Sunday was a busy, busy day for me. I woke up and called my mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. We talked about an assortment of things. She remembered everything about the day that I was born and she told me she’s having surgery at the end of this month for her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She lives in another state so I don’t see her often but I try to call her weekly. Next, I drove to Conway to pick up my NEW mirror from Kirkland’s! This mirror is so fabulous and it’s taller than I am! I highly recommend. Before heading to Conway, I stopped by a local authentic Vietnamese restaurant, called Pho Thanh My, and treated myself to some boba! Locals, have you ever been? Only two places I know of in Little Rock serve boba and they are: Pho Thanh My and Three Fold. If you know of another, please comment. Pho Thanh My has a much greater flavor selection and comes frozen. I tried the strawberry and it was so good y’all. It made the drive to Conway very pleasant. I linked their Facebook page under “Things I bought” in case you want to try for yourself. They are located on Shackleford and are still taking phone orders. You can pay and pick up at their little to-go window outside!

Before heading home, I stopped by my dad’s in West Little Rock to help him clean and have a little cocktail. He introduced me to a new drink called the Boulevardier. It’s balanced but sweet on the finish. The recipe is below for my fellow cocktail lovers. Dad really liked this drink. It is very similar to a Manhattan if you just add Compari. It isn’t the greatest summer afternoon sip or anything, but I can definitely picture myself enjoying this as a nightcap on chilly evenings in the Fall or in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve. If you make this drink at home, you have to post it and tag me!

The Boulevardier

The specs:
1 oz. Bourbon
1 oz. Compari
1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
Shake all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker for 8-10 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass and cheers your dog! For the link to my favorite cocktail shaker set, click here!

When I got home, I finished season 1 of Hollywood (sooo effing good!) and then my boyfriend took me on a walk! If you’re looking for a place to get some fresh air, our path downtown was surprisingly NOT very crowded at all. Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers Park are locals’ top choices when the weather is nice in the Rock. I say skip it! I’ve experienced the frustration many times where I’d make it down there just to find there’s no parking due to capacity. We found parking just fine on Willow Street, right next to Dickey Stephens ballpark. Just type ‘Dickey Stephens park’ into your GPS if you’re unfamiliar with the area, and park to the left of the ballpark if you are facing the river. Below is a screenshot of our route. The little red star is where we parked our car and the blue line is our 2-mile path. We went south down the Broadway bridge and north up the Main Street bridge. We sauntered around Riverfront Park, the Old State House, and the H.U. Lee Gate and Garden in-between. Very relaxing, plus you get to see the beautiful skyline of downtown Little Rock.

Things I bought this weekend…

These gorgeous picks from E. Leigh’s Boutique here in Little Rock: Remember, ELIZABETH10 at checkout for $$$ off.
This silky Breath of Fresh Air Blouse
These Up the Block Sandals in WHITE
The Blue Lilly Mini Dress which I am in love with. Been wanting this for a while now.
These breezy and plaid Gone with the Wind shorts

Strawberry Boba from Pho Thanh My in West Little Rock!!! Tastes just like a lighter version of a strawberry milkshake with tapioca surprises in every sip. Whenever I’m in West Little Rock, I know where I’ll be stopping.

This amazing floor mirror by Kirkland’s. This is the perfect mirror if you want to take outfit pics. It’s fucking gigantic! I’m hoping it will live in our living room to really open up the space and give our empty wall some love.

These shoes! Hmm, I’m considering revamping my entire closet to more 90s. What do you think? I bought two pairs, the pink and the snakeskin. Both for 40% off from Macy’s.

That was my weekend y’all! Full of discovery, celebration, relaxation, exploration, and very satisfying buys! Thank you so much for reading! If you get out this week, please stay safe and follow the recommended steps for social distancing. Take lots pictures, tag me (@miss.rock.city), and slowwww dowwwwn. Tell me what you did this weekend down in the comments and I will talk to y’all in the my next blog post! Have a great day!