Oh joy, happy Friday!

It felt like a satisfying-ly busy week for me, you know what I mean? Not dreading-ly busy, just bearably busy. Most of my time was occupied but for good reason: I got back in the gym, celebrated my dad’s birthday, tried some new dinners, made plans with an old friend, and blogged (of course). Work wasn’t bad either! How busy was your week?

Not much going on this weekend besides maybe a get-together tonight and my plans for tomorrow with a friend. Other than that, I’ve picked up all of my usual local reads and want to spend my free time digging through those catching up on all the local things!

Also, NEXT TUESDAY I have a post coming out and it’s about something definitely different than my regular niche so check back in that day! I’ll give you a little hint: 🚴🏼‍♀️💪🏼💦

Now for my favorite part of wrap-ups, links!

First and foremost, NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! Doesn’t get much better than that!

…and I found the cutest Vans at an unbeatable price.

Watch out, issa sale on gingham slides!

How to use a jade roller! I’m 100% the type of person to look up videos on how to use something, however easy it may be, if I’m using it for the first time. I finally bought one last weekend (it’s less than $10) and started using it every morning after my shower to cool down and tighten the skin on my face.

I want this tiered, ruffled top so bad!

This skirt looks so fab and comfy! I’m such a huge fan of stripes, but also asymmetry!

I got back into Zen Studio on Monday and I feel great about it. I’m in the market for books, blogs, and podcasts all having to do with fitspo and living a healthy/happy lifestyle. Luckily, I found this book by Lauryn Evarts and it’s now on the reading list! If you’ve read it, please let me know how it is!

Ahh, how freaking presh are these shorts?

I’m meeting up with a friend tomorrow and we’re gonna catch up over brunch downtown and the Little Rock Farmer’s Market, which is one of my favorite things about Arkansas’s capital. I found this convenient list on Soirée and it’s super helpful if you’re like me and new to shopping fresh produce.

I love this top from VS’s new athleisure line! Abs… TBD.

xoxo Elizabeth