Happy Friday!

I am exhausted from this week – what about you? Hoping I have enough energy to last me all weekend… today is my very last day of being 23!!

Let’s take a sec and look back on several things that happened this past year. Then I’ll get down to this week’s links!

– I officially began my professional career starting out as a COBOL developer

– Traveled to two new places including Nashville, Tennessee (read about it here) and New York City (here & here)

– Started a 401K

– Went to a new-to-me music festival – the Beale Street Music Festival

– Invested in a hair treatment for the first time (ask me about my Brazilian Blowout)

– Purchased a domain and officially launched my blog and brand

– Discovered fitness and its benefits

– Got a cat

– Got two new piercings (both in my cartilage)

– Went to my first cooking class

– Found a love for the circus arts

– Financially supported two of my friends mission trips; one to India and the other to Haiti

These might be the biggest things that have happened to me during my 23rd year, but I know there are over a gazillion more memories that I cannot account for otherwise we’d be here for days! I’m seriously so thankful for all of my friends and family for making this past year as special as it was. If you haven’t noticed, growing up kinda sucks. We might as well surround ourselves with people and things that we adore so that we can enjoy life at all times and stay happy! Even if it means, cutting out the toxicity! Here’s to hoping 24 treats me as well as 23 did!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

What I’ve been clicking on this week:

Target’s new line is available today!!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited purely because I discovered it literally yesterday and already ‘liked’ all my favorites. Seriously someone take away my credit card!

These wedge sandals on sale!

This past week I was introduced to the idea of a tea club. I am obsessed guys! Within recent months I’ve mostly converted from being an avid coffee drinker to solely a tea drinker especially during the work day! Now I’m hooked on finding the right tea club to join!

I need lucite err-thang! I ordered these this week!

Extra 60% off all sale items at LOFT right now! The BEST store to find the basics!

On that note… these satin slip-ons are calling my name!

Already ordered and picked up these slidesalready obsessed!

13 books written by women when you need a little bit of life coaching.

The wide-leg crop pants are under $20 right now!

ALL of Charlotte Russe’s crop tops are super cute. I’m a fan of this striped button-down.

Haley has given me a new book to add to my reading list. It. Just. Keeps. Growing!